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Lean In White People

Lean in to the ugly of what white people do to black and brown people on American soil.
We kill them – in their beds, on their sofas as they play video games, as they lie on the ground in handcuffs.  Unarmed.  They are always unarmed.
Yes, WE do this because we allow it to happen.  We elect sheriffs who belong to the klan.  We underfund training of law enforcement officers.  We remain silent when trained killers are hired as peace officers. We look away when faced with evidence of ties between some officers and white supremacist groups.
We ignore the horrific irony of white ‘protesters’ armed to the teeth blocking public spaces one week, and unarmed black, brown, and white protesters peppered with rubber bullets and tear gas by officers sworn to protect the public.
This is real.  
This is ugly.
This is inhuman.
Our complicity is real.  Our complaisance is repulsive.
These are our people murdering innocents.  We are the only ones who can stop it.
Speak truth.
Stand up with Jesus.
Love your neighbor.
Demand investigations.
Vote for people who have compassion.